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Alexandria Office

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Alexandria, VA 22314

My Process: What to Expect

I want my clients to enjoy financial balance. Definitions of financial balance may vary from person to person, but I believe the only one that truly matters is yours. This belief drives the approach I take in working with clients.

While my process slightly varies depending on the client’s needs, my work always begins with learning about you and your goals for the future. This meeting includes what I call the vision discussion, which is a conversation about what you believe are the dangers, opportunities, and strengths in your life. What are you worried about financially? Where do you foresee opportunities? What are your strengths for managing both these dangers and opportunities? This conversation allows you to openly share your worries, as well as which future events or milestones excite you most.

Once I understand your vision, I have you complete a financial questionnaire. I thoroughly review your entire financial picture, which includes your budget, savings, bills, insurance portfolio, investments, and investment strategy. This allows me to determine where you are, where you want to be, and how to connect the two, creating your own personalized financial strategies. During this process, I incorporate The Living Balance Sheet®, a secure powerful web-based financial management tool designed to help you budget, protect what’s important, grow your wealth, and achieve financial balance.

During all of these meetings, I focus on incorporating education and helping you understand the reasoning behind all of my recommendations. Once your customized financial strategies are implemented, we review your plan annually, or more often if needed. Through this ongoing monitoring, I help you make adjustments to your strategies as needed to reflect any life changes you experience as we move through life together.