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Alexandria Office

2000 Duke Street

Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314

My Philosophy

For every client, my goal is to build a relationship so valuable that I’m the person they think to call first when faced with one of life’s big events.

Any financial services person can provide product-specific advice. Personalized recommendations from an experienced financial advisor with whom you enjoy working with can be more difficult to find. When I work with clients, my goal is to nurture a valuable alliance, serving as a guide on which you can rely whenever they have questions, and as a support system in good times and in bad. I want to be one of the first to offer congratulations when you receive a job promotion or learn you have a baby on the way, and I want to be there to help you take the first steps after the unfortunate occurs, such as an unexpected event or job loss.

More than 17-years ago, I entered the financial services industry with the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Today, as I run my own independent practice, my passion has never wavered. Interweaving my financial knowledge with my compassionate nature, I seek to simplify complex financial terms and investment options, offer honest advice, and help clients navigate the complexities of financial strategies and investing. By offering ongoing education, I strive to empower clients to confidently make decisions and take an active role in their financial strategies.