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Impulse Spending!  Amazon Got Me!

Impulse Spending! Amazon Got Me!

January 31, 2018

It is my fault. I could have been stronger in the moment, but last week – Amazon got me.

When I was a kid growing up in the New York Tri-State area, most of the delicatessens and the convenience stores sold coffee in these blue cups. I’d always see them in the hands of workers who had stopped to pick-up 4-6 cups of coffee for their buddies on the way to a job. Don’t know why, but I always loved those blue cups. Somehow, the algorithm figured that out and they showed up in my online social media feed. $20 and a week later they show up at my office. Embarrassingly, I was a little excited to open the box and drink coffee from one of the cups. As I opened the box… buyers remorse crept in as I realized the play on my childhood nostalgia worked and I bought something I didn’t really want or need.

Cash Flow Management on a spreadsheet is easy.

Cash Flow Management in practice is challenging because **WE ARE PEOPLE**.

Recognize when you might be about to make a purchase that you might otherwise not choose to make and just walk away. I hope I’ve given you something valuable to consider that will help you with your financial goals. Please know I’ll be thinking about it as I drink coffee from my blue cups… only 99 more to go! ☺

Have a great day!