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March 01, 2018
For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching the bird feeder and thinking that my neighborhood had the hungriest birds on the planet. Every time we’d fill up the bird feeder, within a day the food was mostly gone.
This morning, I came downstairs to see this BIG FAT SQUIRREL munching away on the birdseed. Obviously, this has been going on for quite some time and now I know why the food wasn’t lasting as long as I thought it should.
This experience made me think of personal finances. There are a lot of ‘big fat squirrels’ that are potentially eating away at our money while were out busy doing other activities. Things like: taxes, inflation, personal lawsuit, sickness, poor cash flow management, fees, high interest debt, etc.
Any one of those things chewing on your finances makes it harder for you to get ahead.
Two or more of those things and you may be running full speed into a serious headwind.
Is there a ‘big fat squirrel’ that is attacking your finances?
Why not schedule 30 minutes with me today and find out?
Thank you for reading.
PS – Anyone know a humane way to get rid of this furry parasite? 😃